There was a single winning ticket sold that matched all six numbers in lastnight’s Powerball drawing — but that ticket wasn’t sold in Iowa. IowaLottery spokeswoman Mary Neubauer says the winning ticket was sold inHurricane, West Virginia. The Powerball jackpot grew to its largest evertotal of $314.9 million. It’s also the biggest-ever win for a single-ticket.Neubauer says the winner, or winners, won’t be taking home that wholebundle. After taxes, the cash payout on that jackpot will be $120 MILLION.”I think most of us could live on that,” said Neubauer. Neubauer saysthere -was- a jackpot winner in Iowa from last night’s drawing, but itwasn’t in the Powerball game. The Hot Lotto game’s jackpot is worth $2.9million. The winning ticket was sold in Denison.