Iowans visiting Miami for the Hawkeyes appearance in the Orange Bowl willfind a bustling, warm city when they arrive. Helicopters and airplanes canbe heard buzzing overhead and cruise ships can be seen at port and on themove as you visit the long sandy beaches of this south Florida resort city.The Hawkeyes are staying at the Bal Harbour resort area that’s just acrossthe street from a swanky mall featuring stores such as Sacks andBloomingdales. The media headquarters is a couple miles south, also on MiamiBeach. There’s plenty of causeways and toll bridges and lots of traffic andif you move too slowly, the locals will lay on the horn to get you going.There’s a lot of diversity is this city too as you hear several differentlanguages while walking down the street, most notably Spanish. Thatdiversity leads to a variety of different ethnic restaurants where you canorder anything from a regular hotdog to Cuban cuisine. And Iowans will beglad to know the weather here is expected to remain the typical Miami warmand sunny through January 2nd’s Orange Bowl.