A 64-year-old man from Denison says he holds the winning “Hot Lotto” ticket that’s worth two-point-seven million. Don Sporrer says he learned of his good fortune while he was sitting in the store where he bought the ticket. Sporrer says he checked his numbers, then walked outside the store in amazement. The “Hot Lotto” numbers were drawn on Christmas Day, but Sporrer says he decided to wait to claim the prize in the New Year — for tax purposes. Sporrer heard all kinds of rumors about who had won the jackpot. He says sitting around Denison coffee shops and listening to the stories was more fun than winning. So what’ll he do with the money? Sporrer says he’ll give some to charity and probably buy a new truck. Sporrer worked at the I-B-P plant in Denison for 37 years, and has been a regular lottery player. Sporrer says he ususally buys a Powerball ticket and a Hot Lotto ticket everyday and hadn’t ever won anything until recently when he won 20 bucks, then the Hot Lotto jackpot the next week.