Hundreds of cattlemen from across the region will be attending the Four State Beef Conference which opens this morning at four locations in Nebraska, Iowa, Kansas and Missouri. Roger Brummett, an I-S-U Extension livestock specialist, is helping organize the two days of seminars. He says they’re going to focus on the liquidation of herds and its impact on the states. Brummett, who works out of the Taylor County office, says the 19th annual conference is designed to provide beef cattle interests in the four states with a regular update on cow-calf and stocker topics.Brummett says the morning and afternoon presenters will rotate between the four locations on each of the two days. He says producers will be able to glean plenty of information from the seminars.He says one workshop will focus on balancing Angus genetics and hybrid vigor in breeding programs.That forum will be led by Dr. Jim Gosi, an animal science professor at the University of Nebraska. The sessions are being held in Lewis, Iowa; Tecumseh, Nebraska; Clay Center, Kansas and St. Joseph, Missouri.