One company based in Iowa has landed on the list of “America’s Top 30 Companies for Executive Women” as compiled by the National Association for Female Executives. Des Moines-based Principal Financial Group has about 14-thousand part- and full-time employees nationwide, about 70-percent of whom are women. Jeanene Campbell, a spokeswoman for Principal says the company ranked number-13 on the Top 30 list. The financial services company was also on the list last year, but that list did not include numerical rankings. Campbell says Principal is among the top companies in the nation for women to succeed because of its dedicated benefits package with programs like flex schedules.Campbell says about a quarter of the company’s top executives are women while Principal’s governing board is one-fifth women.Betty Spence is president of the National Association for Female Executives. Spence says this is the first year the survey counted the number of women in revenue-generating positions, 90-percent of which are held by men in the Fortune 500. Spence says women’s salaries continue to lag behind men’s pay as there’s a minimum of 10-thousand dollar wage lag between men and women.Avon ranked number-one on the list, followed by Scholastic — both based in New York, while New Jersey-based Liz Claiborne was third. Number-four is WellPoint Health Networks of Thousand Oaks, California and fifth is Fannie Mae of Washington D-C. The list also includes: Target, I-B-M, Sears, DuPont and Office Depot.