For the second day in a row, a truck carrying hazardous materials is causing trouble along an interstate highway. Captain Gary Foster of the Story County Sheriff’s Department says a motorist spotted the leaking semi traveling south on I-35 this morning. Foster says they pulled the truck over to check it out.He says deputies stopped the truck just north of Ames and determined it was leaking something. Foster says from the signs on its sides determined the liquid was some kind of corrosive material. The Des Moines HAZMAT team is in the truck trying to isolate the leaking container. He says the interstate is blocked off and traffic is re-routed along the area. Foster says the traffic is being re-routed until the Hazmat team can unload the truck and move it out of the way. In another incident involving a semi — a truck carrying explosives was involved in an accident on I-29 in Sioux City yesterday. It created a scare after smoke was seen coming from the trailer. The area was evacuated, but the electrical fire did not cause an explosion.