One of the hosts of the popular cable T-V show “Trading Spaces” is in central Iowa this week, offering tips to redesign the insides of our homes. On the T-L-C show, Genevieve Gorder guides neighbors through redoing one room in each other’s homes for a thousand dollars each. The 28-year-old Twin Cities native says you can spend far less to make significant changes for the better, beginning with a new color. “A gallon of paint is 20 bucks,” she says. “You can change the entire mood of your room with the painting of two walls, all four walls, in a matter of three hours.” Gorder says color and lighting are the two most powerful and inexpensive things people can quickly change to dramatically shift a room’s look. Gorder recommends you eliminate overhead fluorescents in favor of lamps, installed with dimmer switches, which cost less than four dollars each. She says she’s tired of those who unfairly and wrongly brand Midwesterners as uptight and void of style. She’s speaking at the Home and Garden Show in Des Moines at 7 PM tonight and at 2 PM tomorrow (Friday). For more information, surf to “” or call 800 466-7469.