If you want your marriage to last, you need to learn to give and take. So say Ann and Larry Sattman who will celebrate their 69th anniversary tomorrow. They’re former Iowans who now live in Minnesota. Ann Sattman says they got married on February 15th, not because of Valentine’s Day, but because of a family tradition:Sattman says “My grandmother was married on the 15, and my mother was married on the 15th, so I wanted to be married on the 15th also, it’s been a great marriage.” The Sattmans were married at the height of the depression, but Ann says they never let money problems drive them apart like many couples these days. She says cooperation is the key to a long marriage. She says you have to work together. She says years ago when you got married, you stayed married, and says divorce is now too easy to do.While the Sattmans now live in Minnesota, they actually met at an Iowa street carnival back in 1930 and farmed in Iowa until 1956 before moving north to Raymond, Minnesota.