Former President George Bush spoke in Cedar Rapids last night, and Bush — the 41st President — said his son, number 43, is not “rushing” into war with Iraq.The elder Bush said “like every last (war) protestor we’ve seen,” his son shares the hope that the disarming of Iraq “can be accomplished peacefully.”Bush said Saddam Hussein has had 12 years to comply with 17 different United Nations resolutions, and he’s failed to do so. The former President questioned whether an 18th U-N resolution would “do the trick.” Bush said someone once said insanity was doing the same thing over and over again, and expecting a different result. Bush delivered a speech at Coe College on “Lessons in Leadership,” then he answered questions for about 45 minutes. Bush addressed critics who’ve accused him of ending the Persian Gulf War too soon, or who’ve suggested the coalition forces should have sought out and deposed Saddam Hussein.Bush said “war is hell” and coalition leaders decided the objectives of the war had been fulfilled. Bush said if the fighting had gone on one more day, 30-thousand fleeing Iraqis could have been killed, and he says Americans don’t measure the extent of victory by “body count.” Bush said he has no regrets about the outcome of that war. Bush said he hopes it doesn’t come to war a second time around, but he’s not counting on Saddam fulfilling his obligation to disarm. Bush said he’d be surprised but pleased if Saddam finally does what he’s promised the United Nations he’d do after the Persian Gulf War ended.