A bill that would have the state collect more information about abortions has cleared a Senate Committee. Senator Nancy Boettger, a republican from Harlan, says they want doctors and clinics to report whether abortions are surgical or chemically-induced. The bill calls for reporting when R-U four-86 is administered, but Boettger says they may change the way the bill’s written because other drugs could be developed. Boettger says she and other legislators would like to know whether there’s greater use of chemical as opposed to surgical abortion. Boettger says the state’s already collecting information about abortions and miscarriages. Doctors report the age of the woman who miscarries or has an abortion, as well as whether the woman has other children or has had other abortions. The bill does NOT call for collecting information about the use of the so-called “morning after” pill taken directly after sex to ensure a pregnancy doesn’t occur. The bill passed out of committee on a unanimous vote and awaits debate in the full Senate.