About fifty high-school students from the Des Moines area staged a war protest on the steps of the state capitol Wednesday. Organizers around the nation said plans for high school and college protests could turn out the biggest student demonstrations since the Vietnam war era. 17-year Sean Noonan of Urbandale fears the backlash the U.S. would inspire with a war other nations don’t support. He says the world’s going to become more dangerous for Americans as news shows people being killed by our Tomahawk missiles, and says while the events of September 11 were tragic they’re nothing compared to the hostile world reaction to a war staged in Iraq. Noonan says it’s young people who will have to fight the war…and pay taxes that support it.Noonan says the war will cost from 50 – to – 200-million dollars, and young people will be the ones paying the cost in taxes. 17-year-old Stacy Schmidt of Des Moines was another saying young people will bear the burden of any military action and the cost of paying for it. People who are ready and able to fight the war don’t want to go, she says, and they’d rather spend the money on education and try to get rid of tax breaks. The teens say their group, “Central Iowa Students for Peace,” has about eighty members and meets a couple times a month.