Democratic presidential hopeful Howard Dean says while President Bush focuses on Iraq, North Korea poses a nuclear threat that is a “full-blown crisis.” Former Vermont Governor Howard Dean is in the midst of a campaign swing through Iowa, and he says North Korea is about to present an “imminent threat” to the U-S.Dean says in order to avoid a war with North Korea, U-S diplomats should be talking one-on-one with North Koreans. Dean is critical of President Bush, who said Thursday night that North Korea is a “regional problem” and talks should involve the South Koreans, Chinese and Japanese. Dean says the North Koreans really want bilateral negotiations with the U.S. Dean says if he were president, there’s be a written guarantee of no attacks as long as talks are going on. Dean says the ultimate goal should be to get North Korea to end its nuclear program, and in return the U.S. would offer official recognition of the county and aid for its starving people Dean says if the situation worsens, the U-S will be forced to strike North Korea before it strikes us. Dean says the North Korea situation is “deeply worrisome” because North Korea will sell their nuclear know-how to other countries. Dean says Iraq is a “third-rate military power” that poses no threat to the U.S.