The Board that governs the three state-supported universities will hear proposals to make a big increase in room and board rates at the at their meeting next week. The State Board of Regents will hear proposals to increase the cost of a double room and meals by 278 dollars at the University of Northern Iowa, 446 dollars at the University of Iowa and 720 dollars at Iowa State University. Information from the Regents’ office says the proposed rate for Iowa State is higher because the school is proposing significant changes in its board plans.The Regents staff says the housing and food systems are self supporting, and the room and board costs would still be comparable to peer schools if the increases are approved. If approved, the room and board increase, coupled with the recent jump in tuition and fees, would see students at UNI pay an additional one-thousand-77 dollars, U-of-I 12-hundred-48 dollars and students at ISU fork over an additional 16-hundred and 38 dollars. The Regents will receive the proposed room and board increases at their meeting next week on the Iowa State University campus in Ames.