Iowa Governor Tom Vilsack says the nearly eight million dollars the federal government is sending the state for homeland security is not enough. He says they’ve calculated the need at around 42-million dollars and the seven-point-six million dollars the feds are going to send is not adequate. Iowa’s share is part of three-and-a-half billion dollars the federal government is sending states for homeland security. Vilsack says that’s not enough for any of the states.He says the money comes with so many strings attached, that it’s difficult to funnel the money to the proper places. Vilsack, a democrat, says it’s time for the administration and Congress to put up more money. He says there’s been a lot of talk about homeland security, but not enough commitment, as he says about two-point-one billion dollars of the money was shifted from other programs. Vilsack says the lack of money will set back the effort to prepare the state.He says the state won’t be able to do everything it should to protect the assets that have been identified as critical to homeland security.