The attorney general’s office has filed a fraud lawsuit against an Iowa Internet-sales outfit that sells herbal remedies for your pet. Last year the farm division sued to ban Rose Grady of rural Logan from selling the unapproved remedies through her “Pet Medicine Chest” website, and attorney general’s spokesman Bob Brammer says a Harrison County district judge has now issued a permanent injunction.Then the judge assessed a one-point-two million-dollar civil penalty for violating the consumer fraud act, noting a preliminary injunction last year was completely ignored by the defendant. Despite the lack of FDA approval or any proof they worked, Brammer says there’s evidence the “Pet Medicine Chest” raked in lots of money with its internet sales of dog healthfood and cat herbal supplements.Some of the medicines were $20 for 2 ounces, or 18 dollars an ounce, but Brammer says if a beloved pet is ill or dying, the owner may be desperate. The suit says Grady ignored the earlier injunction to quit selling the pet medicines, and Brammer says if she keeps it up, she’ll face more serious consequences.Brammer explains it’s a civil procedure so far but ignoring the court order could being a contempt action and jail. The web site includes remedies for arthritis, stress, and tumors in dogs, and many of the same products are also recommended for cats, rabbits and birds. The lawsuit says the state ag department tested the remedies and found many didn’t contain what the labels claimed, and DID have unapproved feed ingredients.