About seven in every ten Iowans who have filed their state tax returns so far have done so electronically. David Kemnitz , a spokesman for the Iowa Department of Revenue and Finance, says the numbers are tallied every week. As of March 14th, there have been about 215-thousand paper returns filed and more than 487-thousand returns filed electronically — or nearly 70-percent. That’s tracking about ten-percent ahead of last year as Kemnitz says more Iowans are going the electronic route, for many reasons. Kemnitz says people who e-file can get their returns processed more quickly and get their refund checks back faster too. Kemnitz says paper filing offers many opportunities for error — and errors delay returns and refund checks. The Iowa Department of Revenue and Finance website offers links to approved companies and a list of preparers and businesses that transmit returns electronically — surf to “www.state.ia.us/tax” for details.