A possible presidential candidate spoke last night at the University of Iowa. Former Colorado U-S Senator Gary Hart has been out of office almost two decades, but continues to write and speak about global issues and domestic policy. Hart says since the collapse of the Soviet Union, the world has been transformed by a new global economy and the decline of nation-states. Hart says President Bush wants to counter this trend toward internationalism and remake the world in America’s image.Hart calls on American politicians to acknowledge the country’s consumption of oil is a driving influence behind much of U-S foreign policy. He says America’s energy policy is to consume out of porportion to our means, to drive vehicles we don’t need to drive, to waste energy in a way that no nation on earth has wasted it, and if the energy gets cut off, to fight for it. He says “we’re willing to trade the lives or our sons and daughters for a wasteful lifestyle.” As co-chair of the bipartisan U-S Commission on National Security in the 21st Century, Hart believes America is ill-prepared, particularly at the local level, to face terrorism. He says the U.S. is not prepared for the retaliatory attacks that will follow the war. Hart, who appears to be testing the political waters, urged Iowans to attend their caucuses and make a difference. If he decides to run, Hart would be the 10th Democrat to enter the presidential race.