As thousands of U.S. soldiers see the war in Iraq from the frontlines, the Iowa Arts Council is calling on the state’s artists to display Iowa’s view of the war from the homefront. Patricia Ohlerking at the Iowa Department of Cultural Affairs, says “The American Spirit Project” is being revived after its first run, following nine-eleven.The project asks Iowa artists and arts organizations to document, interpret and reflect on the views of the war in Iraq from home. Ohlerking says the effort may help Iowans to cope with their conflicting emotions about the war.Thanks in part to a grant from the National Endowment for the Arts, grants of up to 15-hundred dollars will be provided to qualifying Iowa artists and arts organizations. Ohlerking says art comes in many forms. Projects can include things like concerts, exhibitions, readings, residencies, production of C-Ds and literary publications, poetry readings, community festivals and celebrations. After the attacks of nine-eleven, a similar project was able to fund 39 projects in communities across the state. For more details and grant applications, surf to “”. The deadline is May 2nd.