Governor Tom Vilsack says the coming week is “critical” as he and legislators decide how best to finance a billion dollar state economic development fund. Vilsack says the legislative process is difficult, and lawmakers are dealing with complex issues. But Vilsack says he’s confident legislators will “get the job done.’Vilsack favors hiking the state tax on cigarettes and using that money to finance the economic development fund. Vilsack says tax reform remains an unresolved issue — simplifying both the income and property tax systems. Vilsack says there are more challenges in finding a compromise on income tax reform, but Vilsack says he and legislators are working to find “common ground.’ Vilsack says “we’re getting closer, and I’m confident in the next couple of weeks we can get the job done.” Lawmakers daily expense money runs out in three weeks, and while the Legislature can meet beyond that date there’s great pressure to complete work and adjourn for the year. Vilsack says “it’s very easy to be critical of this process because every day it may appear as if work’s not getting done.” But Vilsack says “you can’t judge a legislative session until it’s over because at the end of the day a lot can happen.”