A bill to “reinvent” state government by making about 128-million dollars in budget cuts is due to be released this week. House Appropriations Committee chairman Bill Dix, a republican from Shell Rock, says it’s the final touch on balancing the state budget. He says there are elements of the proposal that wouldn’t have been his preference, but he says the governor made it clear that this was the process he wanted to pursue. Dix says he’s comitted to working with the governor to get that done. The budget cuts are being recommended by a Minnesota consulting firm hired by the Governor to streamline state government. Dix says the Governor made it very clear “we’re not going to go whacking state budgets like we’ve done before” and Dix says he’s committed to pursuing that course. Dix says if the selected cuts aren’t made, there will have to be an across-the-board cut in the state budget.One idea calls for changes in state financing for Area Education Agencies. Another would ask the state universities to pay rent to the state for occupying state-owned buildings. And the consultants recommend big changes in the Department of Human Services. Dix says regardless of what’s done, there are going to be people who are unhappy with the cuts. He says other alternatives won’te be welcomed either, but he says people would find problems with any plan. Dix says he’ll encourage his Republican colleagues to support the budget-cutting plan, a plan he calls “credible.”