Several key members of Governor Tom Vilsack’s administration have been officially confirmed for their posts by the state Senate. The people in top jobs in state government are hired by the Governor, but must win the support of at least 34 Senators to keep the job. On Monday afternoon, the two new directors for the Departments of Corrections and Human Services won Senate confirmation, as did Cynthia Eisenhauser who’s been Vilsack’s Budget Director since 1999. John Cacciatore — Governor Vilsack’s 1998 campaign manager and former chief of staff in the Governor’s office — was confirmed to his new job in D-C lobbying the federal government on the state’s behalf. Some Republicans had complained Cacciatore was too partisan, but only six Senators voted against letting him have the new job. Michael Gartner, the former newspaperman who now owns the Iowa Cubs, was confirmed for another go-round as chairman of the Vision Iowa board. That’s the board which gives state grants for large-scale community projects.