Police in the small Davenport suburb of Walcott arrested a man last night after a young girl told them he’d tried to get her into his car. David Kopatich is chief of the three-man Walcott police department.He says they got a call about six P.M. that a man in a brown car had approached an 8-year-old girl riding her bike and asked her to come closer to the vehicle — the young girl screamed, and their suspect fled. Earlier in the day, they’d had a report from Durant police that a similar vehicle was “acting suspicious” there and Durant cops got a license-plate number. The same car was found in Davenport later in the evening, and that’s where local officers arrested 28-year-old Ryan Quinn. Chief Kopatich says the Walcott girl frightened by the strange man did exactly the right thing. He calls her “a great little kid,” who gave officers a great description of the car and its driver, better than adults often do in such cases, and he says the girl was taught well. He adds this would be a good time to talk with kids and refresh lessons about avoiding strangers, running away, and telling adults about any suspicious events. Kopatich says in the greater Quad Cities area, the sheriff’s deputies, local cops and other agencies work well together. He says they’re always looking out for each other, he says, and since events in one community tend to carry over into the others in the area, the different law enforcement agencies have a great working relationship with each other.