The Pella Tulip Festival, plagued by weather troubles the past couple years, may be looking forward to the most successful event in a long time. Organizer Patsy Sadler says everything’s in order for a big show. She says it’ll be “full of color,” with the early tulips blooming now, mid-season flowers coming on, and the late ones in bud, there’s color in the town for the whole week. Sadler says the festival’s existence is “a lot like Iowa Farmers,” at the mercy of the weather to get in crops or have blooming tulips and dry weather for parades. There was some 80- and 90-degree weather and she explains they don’t have that kind of spring high in the Netherlands, so tulips don’t understand and bloomed early. Sadler says costumes are colorful and all the Dutch food is “every bit of it addictive.” In addition to music from street organs and bands, there will be two parades a day, flower shows, a quilt show and more from Thursday through Saturday.