A handful of democratic presidential candidates traveled the state this past weekend, focusing on economic issues and attacking the Bush economic record. Connecticut Senator Joe Lieberman campaigned in central Iowa on Mother’s Day. Lieberman says President Bush has presided over the “mother of all economic stagnations,” as two-point-seven million jobs have been lost in the past two years and business investment is the worst it’s been in 50 years, according to Lieberman. Lieberman says he can match Bush on defense, security and moral issues. Lieberman says he can beat Bush on economic issues, because that’s where Bush is weak. Lieberman’s mother flew to Iowa yesterday to eat supper with her son. Lieberman says his mother, who is 88, suggested she fly to Des Moines. Lieberman says if his mother had been born in his generation, she probably would’ve been elected senator.Florida Senator Bob Gramm cleared tables at a Des Moines restaurant on Mother’s Day. On Saturday, Gramm, former Vermont Governor Howard Dean and Ohio Congressman Dennis Kucinich spoke at a Polk County Democrats’ banquet. Massachusetts Senator John Kerry campaigned in Perry and Ames on Friday night. Also Friday, Missouri Congressman Richard Gephardt’s mother died. Ninety-five-year-old Loreen Gephardt campaigned extensively in Iowa for her son when he won Iowa’s 1988 Caucuses. A memorial service will be held this morning in St. Louis.