Iowa motorists who zip over train tracks without giving them a thought unless the gates come down might not be around long, according to Jerri Mohs, state director of Iowa Operation Lifesaver. This is Operation Lifesaver Day and Mohs explains the goals. To educate Iowans about the dangers at railroad crossings and on rights-of-way and to prevent injuries or fatalities in the future. Mohs says many lives are lost at railroad crossings and most times, it’s simply a case of motorists not paying attention or not heeding the warnings. Events to raise awareness about railroad safety were planned for today in Ames and Mason City. More than 400 people died in 2001 in railroad collisions nationwide. In Iowa, 16 people died and 35 were injured that same year. Mohs explains how motorists should react when they approach a railroad crossing. Look for trains, listen for the horns, watch for the “crossbucks” or crossing gates, never drive around the gates and always stay off of railroad rights of way. For more information, surf to “”.