Despite the state of Iowa’s budget crunch, the Hawkeye State’s being used as a good governmental example up north. Minnesota legislators face a special session if they don’t reach a budget deal by Monday. Governor Tim Pawlenty is pointing to other states as he deflects criticism over holding the line on taxes and instead reducing money to government programs. Pawlenty says “Iowa has a population of two point eight million people, so you can’t compare it apples to apples, but if you just look on a per capita or per person basis they spend 21-percent less per person on state and local government spending than (Minnesota does) and they are in many livability studies right behind us at second in the nation.” Pawlenty also notes Indiana and Wisconsin both have larger populations than Minnesota, but spend less on government. The dispute over whether to raise taxes or cut programs is what’s keeping lawmakers from agreeing on a budget for the state of Minnesota with Monday’s legislative deadline looming.