Democratic presidential candidate Dick Gephardt, a Missouri Congressman, says it’s time to cancel those t-v commercials touting prescription drugs. Gephardt says there are hundreds of ads, featuring “people running through the flowers” or “running on the top of mountains” and Americans go into their doctor and demand the drugs rather than having their doctor advise them about which medication is best for their condition. Gephardt says the Food and Drug Administration should once again ban t-v ads for prescription drugs. Gephardt says the ads are contributing to higher prescription drug prices.Gephardt says the commercials aren’t advancing the cause of health care. Gephardt says a lot of the commercials have nothing to do with what the drug’s for or what it does, and are merely a “feel-good thing.” Gephardt says the commercials don’t appear to be “advancing the cause to get everybody to afford the drugs and health care they need.” Gephardt campaigned near Cedar Rapids this morning.