Iowa Congressman Jim Leach says it’s hard to predict, but the recent surge in terrorism in the Middle East could signal more potential attacks here in the U-S.He says he’d be very surprised if there weren’t more attacks against American interests abroad and American assets at home. He says where and when the attacks will occur is anybody’s guess. Leach, a republican, says things remain very volatile in the Middle East. He says the Muslim world is “up in arms” as they look at the war in Iraq in a negative way, while we look at it in a positive way. Leach says the problems are not caused by the actions of the administration.He says it’s not an administration issue, its a dilemma in the world. Leach says it’s a problem of the nature that we’ve never seen before in international affairs. Leach says it is something that America is going to have to learn its way through and hope enough good will and good effort will carry the day.