A solar-powered bicycle is one of the highlights of this year’s Eco-Fair, concluding today (Monday) at Maharishi University in Fairfield. Charlie Knoles is a senior in sustainable agriculture at the school and helped to organize the annual event. Knoles says it’s designed to be entertaining and educational while staying focused on the environment. Demonstrations will include how to make fuel for your diesel engine out of any sort of vegetable oil. The theme of this year’s Eco-Fair is “Celebrating the Earth, Organizing for Sustainability.” Knoles, a native of Sydney, Australia, says everyone who attends will find something interesting — be they students, teachers, farmers or businesspeople. There’s a demo on fruit tree planting and there’s an eco-fashion show — where all of the models are students and all of the clothes were designed and made by students using either organic or recycled materials — even rubber tires. Knoles says the whole point of the Eco-Fair is to change people’s perceptions about environmentalism and environmentalists. Knoles says being an environmentalist does -not- have to mean standing in front of a bulldozer in the Amazon or living in a cave. He says it’s about saving the environment while having a great time.There are tours of energy-efficient and “off-the-grid” homes, and an expo that will feature booths offering international cuisine and vendors of environmentally-friendly products. Admission is free. See “www.eco-fair.org” for more details.