Just last week more Iowa soldiers came back home, including the Air National Guard’s the 132nd Security Forces Squadron, and the U.S. Army Reserve’s 960th Quartermaster Company based in Cedar Rapids. But returning from the theatre of battle does not mean the reservists are automatically off-duty and done with their current stint in military service. Some of the Air National Guard’s Security Forces have been demobilized, but some are still on active duty. First Lieutenant Trenton Twedt with Iowa’s Air National Guard says once their commanders decided to send them back to their home bases, the soldiers were out of combat but still activated. They are still “on orders,” and will await either demobilization or further orders to remain on duty here in the state. Twedt says many will be able to choose what they do next. Some will choose to go back to their jobs and some to stay on active duty for a few more weeks or months. There’s a good chance some may remain on active duty for a month or so, as many will choose to make up their guard and reserve weekends. It’s a matter of money, says Twedt, as the reservists can earn more by remaining on active duty a while longer, and also earn “points” that will determine their retirement or pension earnings in the future.