An Iowa native whose list of acting credits includes “West Wing,” “The Sopranos” and “Remember the Titans,” returns to his hometown this weekend to teach aspiring actors some of his steps to stardom. GregAlan Williams is offering an eight-hour seminar designed to encourage actors and potential actors to appreciate the value and legitimacy of the craft and to recognize career-building opportunities in Iowa that won’t require a move to either coast.Williams says L.A. and New York aren’t the be-all and end-all of success. “My career actually grew from Des Moines to Minneapolis to Chicago and then to L.A. When I was working as an actor in the Midwest, I always earned a good living.” Williams says wanna-be stars can start with industrial films, commercials, voice-overs or animation. He also preaches how to remain “grounded” once bigger roles and more money arrive. So much of Hollywood, Williams says, is “ugly, selfish…and profit-driven.” He says you have to stay grounded, and he says he’ll talk to people about maintaining a good balance. Williams may be best known for his role on “Baywatch” as the policeman, Sergeant Garner Ellerbee. He also appeared this year on “The District.” For details on Saturday’s seminar in Des Moines, surf to “”.