Anyone driving a commercial vehicle in Iowa mid-week next week may be subject to an inspection. The state D-O-T, Highway Patrol and the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration are launching a crackdown — on vehicles and drivers — with inspections all across the continent. Iowa D-O-T Captain Ron Rumph says the crackdown will run three solid days. It’ll run continuously for 72 hours June 3rd through 5th with inspection of all commercial trucks, buses and large vans. Captain Rumph says the effort called “Roadcheck 2003” is an international effort covering all North American highways. Motor vehicle enforcement officers will conduct commercial inspections on drivers and vehicles at locations throughout the state identified as “high crash corridors.” Trucks, vans or buses with serious safety violations will be taken out of service and will not be allowed to continue until they are repaired. Unqualified drivers will also be taken off the road.