A southwest Iowa drag strip is taking the sport back to its roots and trying to make the streets safer as well. For the second straight summer the Mid-America Motorplex in Pacific Juntion is offering drag racing and it’s not for the pros. Brian Stickel of the Rolling Thunder Drag Strip says anyone who thinks they have a hot rod can have a technical inspection done for ten dollars then find someone to race. He says that’s how drag racing got started. Stickel says modern-day drag racing looks a lot different than what you may have remembered growing up, as he says strips used to be the landing strips at the airports when planes weren’t landing. Stickel says the cars make look different from the “muscle cars” of the past but the youth of today still put a lot into them.Stickel says their are few regulations on the type of car that can compete.Stickel says drag racing will be offered every other Saturday night through October.