Gas prices in Iowa the last several weeks have been as unpredictable as the weather. Energy data analyst Jennifer Moehlmann tracks the numbers in the D-N-R’s monthly gas price survey. She says the prices continue to go up and down and up and down and up and down, depending on the news in the world oil market. She says there’s a tight supply, so any news makes an immediate impact on gas prices. Once all the swings were tallied, the average price was down — but not by much.She says the average price was down a penny, but there were swings up and down of as much as 10 cents throughout the month. Moehlmann says gas supplies tightened in the winter, and we’ve never caught up. She says we lost the Venezuelan supply and we had to make heating oil instead of gas this winter, and then there wasn’t much oil coming in. Moehlmann says the price of gas doesn’t seem to make much difference in how much is used. She says gas consumption seems immune to price changes, as the consumption has steadily increased one-point-five to two-point five percent regardless of the price. She says people are buying bigger vehicles and still driving despite the price. The average price of a gallon of gas was one-dollar and 48 cents a gallon. Moehlmann says the price volatility will continue through the summer.