The Iowa Farm Bureau Foundation is offering farmers a cash incentive to have devices installed on their tractors that’ll protect them if the tractor rolls over. Deb Yount-Woods, the Farm Bureau’s leadership development director, says one in four tractor accidents result in death and these devices can save lives. Yount-Woods says the foundation is offering $150 to Farm Bureau members who purchase factory retro-fitted rollover protective structures and seat belts. Yount-Woods says such structures would clearly save farmers’ lives. In Iowa, 72 people were killed in tractor overturns between 1996 and 2001. A study finds 350 lives could be saved every year on farms nationwide by installing rollover protective structures and seat belts. She says it’s hard to give a general price for what the process would cost. It varies based on the tractor model and year, though some manufacturers are offering rebates and incentives too. For more information, call your county Farm Bureau office.