An ethanol plant near Sioux Center is among the first in the state to produce what’s called “E-85” fuel. Bernie Punt is plant manager of Siouxland Energy and Livestock Cooperative which began producing E-85 about a month ago. Punt says it’s a higher blend of ethanol.E-85 is a blend of 85-percent ethanol instead of the regular ten-percent blend that most people are familiar with. Punt says the production of E-85 gives the Sioux County plant a larger market, as for every one car filling up with this blend, it takes eight cars filling up with the 10 percent blend to match.Punt believes the market for E-85 will continue grow. He says are many stations in Minnesota selling the blend and he says it’s just getting started in Iowa.Punt says E-85 is priced about 15-cents cheaper than unleaded gasoline, which is a big advantage for the consumer. Punt warns not all vehicles can use the special blend and says you’d better first check with your car dealer or the vehicle’s owner’s manual. He says most vehicles have a sticker by the gas gap that tell if they can use the fuel. He says some vehicles starting in 1985 were made to use the fuel.Several stations in northwest Iowa now offer E-85, and more are expected to begin selling it soon.