Former Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura will be in the central Iowa town of Newton this weekend to accept an honor from the International Wrestling Institute Hall of Fame. The Frank Gotsch Award goes to pro wrestlers who bring dignity and respect to the sport. Hall of Fame director Mike Chapman says pro wresting needs people like Jesse Ventura, who endured much criticism for his unorthodox ways during his single term as governor. Following careers as a Navy diver, a Twin City-area mayor and as a pro wrestler, Chapman says Ventura -is- deserving of this award from the Hall of Fame. He says pro wrestling may not be dignified now, but it was an honorable sport early in the 20th century, then theatrics began taking over in the 1940’s. Chapman says Ventura can show people involved in the sport can do incredible things away from the mat. The induction ceremony starts at 10 Saturday morning and Ventura’s expected to be there in person to accept.