Drake University student’s under arrest, accused of making bombs found today near campus. Des Moines police spokesman Tony Steverson says cops were called by students who spotted the homemade devices.Steverson says they were not exactly pipe bombs. Steverson called them pop-bottle bombs: plastic containers with ingredients inside to cause an explosion. Two were on the doorstep of a fraternity house and one out front of another Greek residence house — on fraternity and sorority row three blocks west of the Drake campus. The police bomb squad disarmed two of the devices and arrested 21-year-old Drake student Daniel Govoni. He’s charged with two counts of reckless use of explosives. Steverson says it was a prank. Steverson says there was no intent to harm anyone, the cop says, and Govoni didn’t target anyone for his bombs, he just told officers he was trying to “scare some girls” in some of the sororities. The police spokesman says coming up on the second anniversary of the terrorist attacks of 9/11, it’s a particularly bad time for a dangerous prank like a homemade bomb, which he says could have caused serious burns. So-called “MacGyver bombs” got the nickname — and their widespread recipe of common household ingredients — from a TV detective show, which included the amateur pop-bottle explosive in some episodes.