Police and counselors are working to break up what they suspect is a teen suicide pact in Iowa’s largest city. Investigators say a Des Moines 15-year-old who hanged himself last week in a closet in his house may have killed himself as part of the suspected suicide pact. Police say they alerted the parents of at least nine other Lincoln High School students of the apparent pact early yesterday and two students were taken to hospitals, while a third was rushed to the E-R after reportedly swallowing an unidentified substance. Counselors urge parents to talk to their kids about the incident and assure them suicide is not the solution. Julie McClatchey, a clinic supervisor at Employee and Family Resources in Des Moines, says parents should be aware of a few warning signs.McClatchey says if you notice them isolating themselves from other family members, they’re moody, sullen and aren’t talking, or if there are major changes in the home environment or stress-causing troubles, talk to them. She says parents may pick up on other hints of a problem. Other warning signs include: depression, abuse of alcohol or other drugs, running away, brushes with the law, rage and frequent talk about committing suicide. For more information, call 800-SUICIDE.