Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards visited Indianola Thursday to promote his plan for job-creation, saying he’d like to spend three billion dollars investing in startup companies in rural and smalltown America. Edwards says even Iowans who have jobs are concerned about creating more. He says those folks worry about friends and family who still don’t have jobs and they themselves are under-employed, fit for 60- or 70-thousand-dollar-a-year, but making 20- or 30-thousand. Edwards has spent the last several days in Iowa promoting his job plan. The North Carolina Senator says this is the crucial time in the Caucus season, when Iowans who’ve met all the candidates begin to compare one with another. Edwards says he thinks there are even more “undecideds” than show up at polls, as he’s always meeting people during his appearances who tell him they favored some other candidate when they came but as they leave they’ve decided to vote for him. Edwards also hears skeptical voters saying they don’t want to cast a vote for someone who can’t win. He says he hears it, with some regularity, more in Iowa than other places. Edwards says he has the best shot because he can compete in rural America and in the south.