A Minnesota company that sold meat door-to-door in Iowa has been ordered to pay refunds to customers who want their money back. Bob Brammer, a spokesman for the Iowa Attorney General, says the judgment came against the Farmer’s Pride Meat Company. He says the seller for the company would say they were going to sell the meat to a nearby company, but the company wouldn’t take it and not they had to sell it at a bargain price. Brammer says those claims were not true. He says the company also failed to inform the customers about their rights in buying the meat and failed to return their money when asked. He says the court order seeks to remedy the situation.He says the company has agreed to change its ways and refund the money. Brammer says there are 50 to 100 customers that he knows of. He says it appears they operated across the state and says they had an office in Council Bluffs. Brammer says operation isn’t anything new.He says it’s a “classic scam” that pops up every few years, and Brammer says you need to be cautious of someone who wants to sell you meat or seafood and pressures you to make a decision right away. Brammer says the state has specific rules about door-to-door sales. He says you have a right to cancel within three business days and the right to a full refund within ten days. Brammer says sellers are required to give you information on the rules. The judge in the case imposed a civil penalty of 40-thousand dollars if the company is found violating his order in the future.