A Des Moines-area C-P-A has turned a hobby into a growing business enabling people across the U.S. to show their school spirit whenever their cellular phones ring. Charlie Card and his wife are both University of Iowa grads and their daughter is in school there now. He wanted to have his cell phone broadcast his true black-and-gold colors, but wasn’t having any luck.He couldn’t find the Iowa Fight Song anywhere for his cell phone ringer, so he created it himself and downloaded it to his phone. People who heard it said he should sell it, so he turned to the web. He bought a book of fight songs and started playing and programming them all into a website. In the year it’s been on-line, Card says the site’s grown in popularity, but not quite enough to allow him to quit his day job. He’s getting hundreds of hits a day and sells 10 or 15 songs a day. The 47-year-old Card is now lord of the rings, with 480 school songs for cell phones on his website “schoolfightsongs-dot-com”. They sell for five-dollars each. Sorry U-N-I fans. The only other fight song on the site from an Iowa school is Iowa Wesleyan.