A western Iowa man’s undergoing psychiatric tests after his first court appearance on a long list of charges including kidnapping and impersonating an officer. Two teenagers say they were parked to talk over an argument one night early in April when a man pulled in behind them, ordered the boy to raise his hands, and ordered the girl into his car. Marci Prier is the Mills County Attorney.When the girl walked back and opened the door, the man pulled her into his car, she screamed, and the boyfriend realizing something was wrong, followed the man as he took off, finally ramming his car and forcing it into a ditch. The man fled the scene and the teens went to a nearby farmhouse to report the incident. Identified as 25-year-old Myron Brandon of Pacific Junction, the suspect was arrested at his mother’s home. He’s charged with second-degree kidnapping, first-degree harassment, false imprisonment, assault, and impersonating a public official. He’s also charged with assaulting a peace officer, as Prier says Brandon was being escorted into magistrate court for his initial appearance when he struck one of the law-enforcement officers in the face. Brandon pleaded not guilty this week and his lawyer has asked for that last charge to be separated from the others. The county attorney says Brandon’s being held at the Oakdale Medical and Classification Center after exhibiting some “behavioral issues” at the Mills county jail. She says it’s a small jail housing about a dozen prisoners and his behavior “was far exceeding what we’re capable of handling.” The attorney’s motion to separate the assaulting on an officer charge and have his 100-thousand-dollar bond reviewed will be heard May 24th and trial’s set to begin in June.