Remember NAFTA? A newly-signed international trade agreement called CAFTA (KAFF-tah) is getting praise from Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley. The republican and chairman of the Senate Finance Committee says the Central America Free Trade Agreement will bring a host of benefits to all nations involved and to Iowa farmers in particular.He says the agriculture provisions would be similar to the agreement with Chile. He says the agreement reduces high tariffs on ag products. Grassley says CAFTA “is an important part of our continuing efforts to open foreign markets to U.S. goods and services. This market access is critical if we’re going to continue to increase our exports to the world. For Iowa, CAFTA brings important new market access opportunities for our pork, soybean, and corn producers, as well as Iowa’s manufacturers and service providers.” Grassley says the free trade agreements allow the U.S. producers to sell their products and create jobs, while also helping consumers by lowering costs. He says “Under the current framework, many products from the CAFTA nations get access to our market, but we don’t get the same access to theirs. The CAFTA will change that. It’ll level the playing field for U.S. producers so they can compete in this vibrant and growing market. “”CAFTA sends a strong message to our Latin American neighbors. It shows our strong desire to reach out and form deeper and lasting bonds with the international community, particularly in Latin America. CAFTA can serve as a cornerstone of economic growth and democracy for the region that will enhance the standard of living for millions of our southern neighbors.” Grassley adds, “A free trade agreement with these nations represents a unique opportunity not only for U.S. farmers, businesses and workers, but also for promoting development, security and prosperity in this region.”