A former Washington, Iowa insurance agent is now facing criminal charges in the connection with the alleged misappropriation of over one-million dollars in securities. 54-year-old Roy Evanovich is charged with money laundering, first-degree theft, securities fraud and tampering with records. The criminal charges were brought after the case was referred to the Attorney General’s Office by the Iowa Insurance Division. Insurance Division spokesman Tom Alger says the referral came after his office acted against Evanovich in March.He says they took a “cease and desist” action against Evanovich that instructed him to not sell securities in Iowa, and they also revoked his insurance license. Neither Alger, or the Attorney General’s office can be more specific about what Evanovich did, as the case is still pending. The court documents indicate Evanovich misappropriated the securities between 1995 and March of 2004. Evanovich was released on his own recognizance and is set to appear in court again June 11.