The newest member of the Iowa Board of Education has an unusual hobby. Wayne Kobberdahl is a retired educator from Council Bluffs. Kobberdahl says his hobby has really turned into a career. He does reenactments — and portrays Captain William Clark, one of the leaders of the Lewis and Clark expedition.Kobberdahl says there’s a lot of interest about Lewis and Clark in western Iowa, along the Missouri River. Kobberdahl does a lot of programs about the history of the Lewis and Clark expedition. He did one yesterday aboard the River City Star, a riverboat that cruises up and down the Missouri from Omaha. Kobberdahl says the Lewis and Clark Expedition is probably one of the most adventure stories of all time. Kobberdahl says he tells his granddaughter — who is crazy about the Harry Potter books — that she should read about the Lewis and Clark expedition because it’s “just as exciting and it’s true.”During his programs, Kobberdahl wears the kind of everyday clothing Captain Clark would have worn during the cross-country adventure. If you’re interested in learning more about Lewis and Clark, Kobberdahl recommends the Steven Ambrose book entitled “Undaunted Courage.” Kobberdahl’s next reenactment program is June 16th in College Springs. Governor Vilsack appointed Kobberdahl is the Iowa Board of Education this week.