A Wisconsin-based company has been ordered to pay refunds to Iowans who purchased meat from their door-to-door sellers. Bob Brammer, a spokesman for Iowa’s Attorney General, says All American Foods used high-pressure tactics to sell the meat. He says the sellers would say they have extra meat because the restaurant they were going to sell the meat to did not need all of it. He says they would indicate they were presumably selling the meat at a bargain price, but the consumer would have to make a quick decision. Brammer says the customers found out the quick sale wasn’t the bargain they’d been led to believe. He says one north Iowa couple weighed the meat after they bought it, and found it cost eight to nine dollars a pound. Brammer says they allege these are consumer fraud violations as people’s protections under the door-to-door sales law were violated or lost. Brammer says they had seven complaints on the company and are looking for anyone else who may have a claim. He says the court ordered the company to make refunds to the people they know about and anyone else that may have a claim. Brammer says you need to make a claim to get a refund, and do not have to return any unused meat. Brammer says the company was also ordered to comply with Iowa sales laws. He says they must provide the right to cancel notices, provide the price of the meat per pound, and not says they’re trying to sell the meat that was excess because it was intended for someone else. Brammer says the judge ordered a civil penalty of 40-thousand dollars if the company violates the order in the future. Brammer says you can make a claim by caller the Attorney General’s office at 515-281-5926, or surf to:www.IowaAttorneyGeneral.org.