A book about the Iowa State Fair’s Bill Riley Talent Search is almost ready for publication. Anne Denholm with the Iowa Falls newspaper has been helping put it together. Bill Riley wrote the first part of the book, outlining the creation and early years of the state fair talent search, and the rest is made up of stories and photos contributed by people who took part in the talent search. Denholm says the book spans the 45 years of the talent show, with “these wonderful stories” and pictures of people from across the state. And they’re not only Iowans. There’ve been responses from Hollywood, California and New York, all across the U.S. from people who got their start in show business through the State Fair talent Search, and she says it’s fun to have such famous people respond — people like SImon Estes, Jessica Keenan, Vern Jackson and Kerry McDowell. Money from sales of the book will go to its creator and also to the talent show he helped create and run for decades. Riley’s set up a 50-thousand-dollar fund to get half the income from book sales, with its interest earmarked to go every year for funding the show. The first books sold will be autographed by Riley himself, and Denholm says people can get one of those by pre-ordering at 800-798-2691 or e-mail [email protected].