President Bush will visit Kirkwood College in Cedar Rapids today, and democrats have already lambasted the President for not supporting the nation’s community colleges. State Representative Todd Taylor, a democrat from Cedar Rapids, headlined a Monday afternoon news conference organized by John Kerry’s campaign. Taylor accuses President Bush of trying to cut job training programs by 151-million dollars in the next federal budgeting year.Taylor says Bush has no right to tout vocation education and job training programs because of the cuts in federal support. Taylor says Bush has been “absent” on job training issues. Taylor says Bush appearance at the Kirkwood Community College is “just a campaign stunt.” According to officials at Kirkwood, 35 percent of the students at the school get Pell grants from the federal government, and President Bush has proposed a 327-million dollar reduction in Pell grants nationwide. Bush is scheduled to speak early this afternoon. Vice President Dick Cheney visited Waterloo this past Friday.