Earlier this morning, the wife of Democratic Vice Presidential candidate John Edwards paid a visit to Iowa Democrats who’re in Boston at their party’s convention. The visit of Elizabeth Edwards signals Iowa’s importance in the fall election. Iowa is among the states the Kerry/Edwards ticket will target next week, as the candidates and their families make a visit to eastern Iowa on Tuesday and Wednesday. Mrs Edwards says the candidates and their wives will campaign in Iowa as often as necessary to put Iowa in the Kerry column in November, but she urged the party activists in the room to do their part in turning out the vote, and turning out people for the rallies next week. Mrs. Edwards says she and her husband haven’t gotten much sleep lately, and with 97 days ‘til the election, they’ll wait to catch up on that lost sleep on November 3rd.Edwards finished a surprising second, garnering 32 percent of the vote in Iowa’s Caucuses, propelling him onto the national stage and eventually this bid for the vice presidency. Mrs. Edwards says a reporter asked her how tough the grueling campaign schedule was, and she replied that it wasn’t nearly as tough as the next four years would be if Kerry & Edwards don’t win. Mrs. Edwards and three of the couple’s children joined the Senator on stage last night after Edwards delivered his acceptance speech, and Mrs. Edwards revealed a bit of the behind-the-scenes action.Mrs. Edwards says she made a deal with the two younger kids, Jack and Emma Claire, who like to butt heads. She promised they could sleep in their parents’ beds last night if they behaved. The couple’s older daughter introduced Elizabeth Edwards to the crowd last night. The couple’s oldest son, Wade, died in a traffic accident and the family visited his grave this week before leaving for Boston.